Friday, September 3, 2010

Too late to be a Sooner...

... but here I am, living in Oklahoma City (profile updated). Yes, every county in Oklahoma was red in the last presidential election. What can I say? I got a totally refurbished house at a fantastic price. My brother and his wife, with whom I get along famously, are just 5 miles away. The National Weather Center is about 20 miles away… for good reason. And, of course, there's Abbie, aka ERV. We have yet to meet, but I'm sure we will, Sooner or later.

Abbie and I disagree on the size of the hail that hit the area back in May. She says that it was baseball-sized (see the incredible video she posted), but I insist that it was softball-sized. Here’s my sister-in-law with a specimen of lesser diameter than some of the holes in her roof.

One hailstone not only passed through the roof, but also cratered the attic deck. My neighborhood was spared. But I am rethinking the deductible of my homeowner’s insurance.


  1. You should certainly arrange a meetup! Even better, if it's recorded for the benefit of elucidation of us all!

  2. We're trying to arrange a time when our mutual friend Sal Cordova can bring some of his famous cottage cheese.

  3. Welcome. Oklahoma may be about the mostest reddest state (after Utah), but people are friendlier and more helpful than those in the bluer states I have lived in. So, it kinda evens out in the end.

    Also, if anyone tells you Ted's is the best Mexican restaurant around, they are either lying or delusional. The best is Tarahumara on Porter Avenue in Norman. Fact.

  4. carlsonjok,

    Tarahumara is on my to-do list. Thanks.

    "Salt of the earth" folks are generally decent in their everyday interactions, and I certainly do not condemn them globally. But I have huge problems with them when they try to make secular institutions accord with their religious beliefs. Good people can do very bad things in the political sphere.

    The percentages may look grim, but the raw numbers of people who diverge in this way, that, or the other in Greater OKC are high. That was a big part of my decision to come here.

  5. Welcome to OKC. I heard Abbie speak at last months AOK meeting. She was great and I'm looking forward to hearing you tomorrow night.

    That hail is definantly softball size.

    Politics and religion in OK are frustrating. I helps if I try to realize that they just don't know any better.