Thursday, May 14, 2015

A better reason for Dr Ewert to enter The Skeptical Zone

As I explained in my last post, Winston Ewert has solicited questions on his research with William Dembski and Robert Marks, and I have raised several at The Skeptical Zone. I avoided upstaging DiEb, who followed Ewert’s procedure, and submitted questions through a Google Moderator page. As you can see from the following note I left at DiEblog, an immoderate moderator at Uncommon Descent has haplessly given Ewert a better reason to answer at The Skeptical Zone than I have.

I hope you don’t mind my observation that your post relates to one of three questions you posed at Ask Dr Ewert (link expires June 30, 2015). Ewert, who collaborates with Dembski and Marks, evidently intends to answer selected questions at Uncommon Descent. You’ve been banned there since raising the questions, have you not? Correlation does not imply causation. But if you cannot comment on his answers to your questions, then he will in fact have ensconced them in a sham forum.

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